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Savannah Heart Pine
About Us
Will Rogers once said "Buy  land.  They ain't making that stuff anymore." Well, you can just about say that about 'Heart Pine or Antique Heart Pine' lumber too. Heart Pine is now salvaged from old buildings built 75 to 150 years ago. Mr. Bullard has made it his priority to purchase old timbers from buildings built before the civil war of 1861 and afterward.  He is relentlessly looking for (and finding) Heart Pine and Antique Heart Pine beams and timbers.  We can safely say that Mr. Bullard knows about all there is to know about heart pine.  With more than 35 years of experience, Savannah Heart Pine re-mills and reprocesses these findings into beautiful lumber for floors and furniture.  Please see our products page to view samples of our wood.

Why Heart Pine?

There is nothing more beautiful than heart pine that has aged to perfect color. Savannah Heart Pine takes pride in finding and perfecting this beauty. Our custom wood will add that timeless charm to any home and will enhance with a breathtaking style that is impeccable.